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Every civil work requires a comprehensive understanding of the soil characteristics of the construction area as well as the detailed technical knowledge of the underground (sub-soil) conditions.

EAZTECH GEO offers a wide range of engineering services in the field of soil mechanics(soil investigation), structural integrity test, concrete tests, geophysical survey, and foundations & structural designs. We investigate and produce technical information of all related geotechnical and structural engineering within the construction industry through soil investigation, concrete materials testing and structural designs both in the field and in the laboratory. We also conduct deep piling foundation services as well as water resources services.

EG has been successively involved in the soil investigations and other civil engineering quality control services of some major projects across the country for years with its engineering equipments and vast experience in the field of geotechnical and civil engineering.




It is imperative for professionals related to construction sector, ranging from building of houses, road construction and general civil engineering activities, to endeavour to carry out -soil investigations and other related civil engineering quality control tests to determine the bearing capacity of soil and strength of materials prior to construction implementation.