-Soil Tests ( Laboratory and Insitu Testing):- We conduct both laboratory and field soil tests for structural purposes ranging from buildings, roads, highways, bridges, overhead tanks, dams, telecom masks, power plants, erosion control and other affiliated civil works.

Sub soil Investigations(SPT and CPT percussion sub soil investigation):- We carry out deep sub-soil investigations for engineering structural stability for tall buildings, deep foundations, piles, dams, power plants using Percussion Drilling Rig (SPT Investigation of subsoil).

– Structural Integrity Test :-We carry out structural integrity tests to ascertain the structural integrity of structures, strength of the steel bars, concrete strength, limit states, its stability and their comformity with civil engineering standards for proposed structures, aged structures and defected structures.

-Concrete material Strength Test:- We carry out laboratory test on concrete to determine its compressive strength and flexural strength for different structural purposes. We also carry out concrete mix designs and Ashalt marshal Stability

– General Geotechnics:- We deliver all related general geotechnical services from soil, rocks to underground water investigations.

Structural and foundation Design: We carry out structural designs for different structures.

– Geophysical Survey:- We carry out geophysical survey to determine the depth of undergroud water level, thickness of aquifer, soil formations, salt/fresh water intrusion for both deep and shallow water borehole wells.


We deliver among all geotechnical services, include the following soil index tests:

-Bearing capacity of soil                                                         – Sieve analysis-soil/particle size distribution

-Specific gravity                                                                        – Triaxial Test

-Moisture content                                                                    -California bearing ratio(CBR)

-Relative Density                                                                      – Cone Penetration Test(CPT)

-Bulk unit weight                                                                      -Permeability test

-Consolidation / Settlements                                                  -Plate Load test

-Direct Shear test                                                                      -Standard Proctor

-Compaction test                                                                       -Hydrometer analysis

-Standard penetration test (SPT)

-Atterberg limit tests ( Liquid, Plastic  and shrinkage limits)

-Chemical analysis

-Well and Slake Index